frequently asked questions

Wanna learn some tips on how to create cc or watch me speed mesh? follow this link here

What's you gallery/orgin ID?

La_Skrillz. If you're having trouble finding my profile, watch this tutorial

Can I recolor your cc?

You may recolor my cc after public release and with credit back to any of my social pages - always give credit. You can find the rest of my terms of use here

What editing software do you use for your Thumbnails?


What editing software do you use for your YouTube Videos?

HitFilm Express. It's Free to use and download.

What are your Pc Specs?

AMD Ryzen 5 1600 Six-Core Processor 3.20GHz

2GB Sapphire RX560 GPU


How do I download your rooms?

I'll make a tutorial soon (it's been on my to do list) for now, I suggest YouTube - it has all the tutorials in the world to help you :)

Your CC/CC folders/Rooms doesn't show up in game, How do I fix this?

1. Make sure your 'custom content' is enabled in your game.



2. Make sure you unzip your files once you've downloaded them. The Sims 4 doesn't recognize zipped files and it needs to be extracted before you place them in your mods folder. You can extract zipped files with these programs WinZip, WinRar or any extracting software found on google. The ones I have linked are free to download.

3. Update your game if necessary, some mods/cc need to have the latest update to appear in game.

4. To find my CC in game, search [LaSkrillz] in build mode.

5. If you're having trouble finding my room in game, make sure you have extracted the file you have downloaded explained at point number. 2, then locate similar looking files like this:



and then place these tray files in your TRAY folder

and the 'mods' folder in your MODS folder 

6. Always make sure bb.moveobjects is enabled before placing down any room on your lot as this will ensure no cc goes missing from my build.

Screenshot 2021-08-20 145324.png
Screenshot 2021-08-20 145338.png
Screenshot 2021-08-20 145658.png
Screenshot 2021-08-20 150800.png

I can't find the link to download your cc folders

All my cc folders can be found here or on my YouTube Channel. Read the description on each cc folder video, the links will all be there.

Do you use AdFly?


Where do you upload your CC Folders to?

SimsFileShare, MediaFire, Mega and sometimes, very rarely Google Drive.

Where can I find more of your CC?

On my Patreon.

When will your new cc be free?

All of my newly made cc gets published on my Patreon for Patrons first and thereafter it becomes free to the public. Most of my content on this website are now 100% free. Go have a look :)

Do I have to become a patron to get your cc?

Not at all. All of my personalized made cc becomes free after 2-3 weeks. My Patreon exists for early access content to my Patrons and for general support but it's never compulsory

Will I get a virus when I download your cc/cc folders or rooms?

No. I don't use Adf.ly or any of those sort of paywalls on my content. Besides Patreon which is 100% safe. :)