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Terms Of Use

Please read each point.

  • Please don't claim my creations/mesh as your own

  • You may not resell my work

  • Do not resell my work on GTA

  • Please credit back to the original post

  • Please ask for permission to recolor and convert (Sims 2/3)

  • Do not put my work behind your Patreon page or any other paywall

  • Do not convert my mesh to GTA or any other game, unless it's a Sims franchise

  • Please wait till after public release to include my cc in your builds or blender scenes

  • Almost all of my work are available for free on my website, so please don't steal and intend to make profit off of my mesh

In conclusion - ask to recolor, convert and do not claim or resell.

Dms are open on Tumblr for any questions x

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